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New Port Richey, Florida, is a charming coastal city located in Pasco County, along the picturesque Gulf of Mexico. Known for its laid-back atmosphere, waterfront amenities, and cultural offerings, New Port Richey is a sought-after destination that captures the essence of Florida’s Gulf Coast lifestyle.

Geographically, the city is characterized by a blend of residential neighborhoods, waterways, and natural spaces. The Pithlachascotee River, affectionately known as the “Cotee River,” winds through the heart of New Port Richey, providing scenic views and recreational opportunities. Sims Park, situated along the riverfront, serves as a community hub with green spaces, playgrounds, and venues for cultural events.

Climate in New Port Richey

New Port Richey benefits from a subtropical climate, offering residents and visitors a pleasant environment throughout the year. Summers are warm and humid, with temperatures often reaching into the 90s Fahrenheit (32-37°C). Fall and winter bring relief from the heat, offering mild and enjoyable conditions. Winters are particularly attractive, with daytime temperatures ranging from the 50s to 70s Fahrenheit (10-26°C), making it an ideal season for outdoor activities.

The inviting climate complements the city’s geography, encouraging outdoor pursuits and water-related activities. Residents and visitors can explore the river, indulge in boating and fishing, or simply relax on the sandy shores of the Gulf. The Gulf of Mexico’s influence on the climate creates a coastal haven, where the sea breeze enhances the overall appeal of the city.

New Port Richey’s geographical features, including its riverfront charm and access to the Gulf, coupled with the favorable subtropical climate, contribute to the city’s allure. Whether strolling along the riverwalk, attending local events in Sims Park, or enjoying the natural beauty of the Gulf Coast, New Port Richey offers a distinctive and enjoyable coastal lifestyle that captures the essence of Florida living.

Hull Cleaning Scheduling New Port Richey

Keeping your boat clean is essential for optimum performance. Depending on the season and area, we suggest a 2 or 4 week cleaning cycle. For on-scheduled boat bottom cleanings, we charge a rate per foot.

Prop Removal and Installation New Port Richey

Underwater prop removal and installation service. With our expert crew will have you back on the water in no time.

Zinc Inspection & Replacement New Port Richey

We will inspect your anodes and replace where necessary. It’s important to replace your zinc anodes on a regular basis to ensure your boat is protected from electrolysis and corrosion. A small investment in new zincs, can help save your boat from major damages. Prices are charged per zinc installation.

Per Hour Hull Cleaning New Port Richey

Sometimes time flies faster than anticipated and excessive growth build-up sets in. If your boat has not been cleaned in a while, then we need to charge you an hourly rate to remove that excessive growth.

Special Requests

Owning a boat gives you many privileges, but every now and again there are those additional unplanned maintenance issues that pops up. Give us a call and let's see how we can assist you.

Search and Recovery New Port Richey

Drop something valuable No need to worry we got you covered.

Pile Cleaning New Port Richey

We remove all the barnacles and any hard growth by scraping pilings down to bare wood.

Floating dock Cleaning New Port Richey

We remove all the barnacles and any hard growth.

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